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Asahi Kasugano


Kanji アサヒ
Rōmaji Kasugano Asashi
Gender Female
Occupation Adviser
Personal Status
Status Alive
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 20
I will be your club advisor from today onwards.

—Asahi to Everyone, Chapter 20 (page 3)

Asahi Kasugano (アサヒ(あさひ), Kasugano Asahi) is a supporting character in the series. She became the adviser of the mystery research club later on.

Appearance Edit

Asahi is a young tall beautiful woman with short hair. She always wears a lab coat.

Personality Edit

Asahi is a soft and kind adviser. She is good at handling health problems but can only treat physical injuries. She is an airhead and always misheard words.

History Edit

Story Edit

Chapter 1
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